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Monster-hunting MMO 'RaiderZ' now available on Steam

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Slaying monsters, earning experience, and enjoying an action-based combat system are all a part of Perfect World Entertainment's "RaiderZ." The free-to-play title makes its debut on Steam today making it accessible to even more players.

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"RaiderZ" offers up the the chaotic world of Rendel. Here monsters run amok and players are tasked with bringing the beasts in line. Gamers can choose from a number of weapons, spells, and abilities to do so with no classes to guide them. Players' tactics are generated by their weapons. For example a mace and shield lets players utilize the defender and cleric roles. At level 10, players can begin to hybridize their roles with options from other specialties.

Steam users can download the game for free at its official page. They will need about 12 gigs of hard drive space for the download. A Perfect World Entertainment account will be required to play and can be obtained here.

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