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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate will have worldwide release

While Japanese gamers have reveled in being able to play Monster Hunter 4, the same could not be said about gamers around the world. Though they wont get that exact game, Capcom, the creator of Monster Hunter will give them one better as they announced a worldwide release of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate will have a worldwide release

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate will feature everything in Monster Hunter 4 and then some. Basically it is like an expansion pack. The game itself is also quite different from Monster Hunter 3, adding countless new gameplay elements.

For those unfamiliar with the series all together, Monster Hunter is a game that is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. You take on the role of a hunter in an open world where you have to find and kill various monsters in order to complete your quest.

According to VGChartz, Monster Hunter 4 has sold 3.25 million units in Japan alone since its release in September. That total already makes it the 9th best selling game on the 3DS.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate was featured on both the 3DS and the Wii U, however Monster Hunter Ultimate 4 has only thus far been mentioned for Nintendo's handheld device. Fans can expect an early 2015 release of the game.

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