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'Monster Hunter 4' finally coming to the west

Monster Hunter 4 has been out for quite some time in Japan and has seen no release in western regions until recently, kind of. On Sunday Capcom released a video announcing a brand new version of the game called Monster Hunter 4G in Japan and Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate in the western regions for the Nintendo 3DS. The game will feature many new gameplay elements not seen yet in Monster Hunter 4 and will also be a content rich update.

'Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate' finally coming
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Today we announced that Monster Hunter 4G is in development for Nintendo 3DS in Japan. But, we don't want to leave out our fellow hunters in the west. I'm happy to say that Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate (which is the equivalent of MH4G) is also in development for Nintendo 3DS and will be coming to the west in early 2015. -Ryozo Tsujimoto Producer Monster Hunter series

The seemingly newest thing coming to the series, as silly as it sounds, is the ability to jump. Jumping has never really been possible before in the Monster Hunter franchise and will bring a whole new element into the hunter's toolkit. From the trailer it seems that level design has been tailored around verticality in an exciting way. This will give players more options for climbing, jumping and hunting in new areas. With more ways to interact with the environment, the monsters have also seen an update with one monster crawling on the ceiling to reach a hunter that has climbed on a side wall.

Another one of the big, and much needed, updates coming to the game is the ability to hunt with people over the internet. Again, something that seems trivial in other games, has never really been able to be done easily on the Nintendo 3DS Monster Hunter games before. Ryozo Tsujimoto points out that the traditional Monster Hunter experience of playing locally will still be available, but it is good to see the series take the next step for the western culture where more video games are played online.

No hard release date has been set with the ever ambiguous early 2015 tag being displayed in the game trailer. For more updates on Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, make sure to hit the subscribe button at the top. More information on the game can be found on Capcom-Unity social media sites, like their Twitter and Facebook pages.

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