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Monster Expansion Pack available for all 'Evolve' pre-order's

Interested in "Evolve?" Let us know!
Interested in "Evolve?" Let us know!
Turtle Rock Studio

Last week the creators of the incredibly popular "Left 4 Dead" series announced their latest upcoming title: Evolve. Focusing on a 4V1 PVP style combat system, Turtle Rock Studio is quick to denounce similarities with their Left 4 Dead series. Some ridiculous looking monsters and the use of CryEngine should help differentiate the two.

In true modern day gaming style, Turtle Rock Studio has announced a free Monster Expansion Pack for all customers that pre-order the upcoming title.

Evolve is available for pre-order beginning today at participating retailers. Those who pre-order the game from participating retailers will be rewarded with the Monster Expansion Pack, which includes the Savage Goliath skin at launch and a new monster character as soon as it becomes available after Evolve is released. To see a list of retailers that you can pre-order Evolve from now, please visit

Although the series is a brand new IP, any fans of Turtle Rock Studio's other work should have no issue dropping some early cash to secure themselves some extra content.

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