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Monster Energy Supercross in NJ Saturday April 26, 2014

Will Ryan Villopoto be this calm before his 4th championship tomorrow?
Will Ryan Villopoto be this calm before his 4th championship tomorrow?
Glen C Hoffman

Finally the biggest motorcycle racing series has a stop in the northeast. The Monster Energy Supercross Championship series will hold their penultimate round tomorrow in the MetLife Stadium. The same stadium that held this years Superbowl where the Seattle Seahawks won the championship just a few months ago.

Tomorrow's race could ultimately turn out another Seattle area champion, Ryan Villopoto. That's right, Villopoto has a strong chance of clinching his 4th consecutive supercross championship. The only other rider to accomplish such a difficult feat was the king of supercross himself, Jeremy McGrath and that was way back in the mid 1990's. Here we are 2 decades, a whole generation later and Villopoto is about to accomplish something that many insiders thought would never be done again. Heck most were even shocked when McGrath set this record all those years ago.

Another interesting fact that really has no effect on the outcome is that Ryan Villopoto's permanent number 2 was Jeremy McGrath's permanent number during the last years of his professional career. As a matter of fact Jeremy still wears the number 2 when he rides local or PR events. Of course Villopoto will be wearing the number 1 in tomorrow's race just like he has in the past 2 seasons since he is the defending champion from last year. But now that I think about it so did Jeremy McGrath when he was defending his championships between 1994 and 1996. Maybe there is something special about that number 2 as a permanent number.

As for some of our local pros tomorrow's race will give them a good opportunity to get a taste of the most prestigious motorcycle racing series in the world. So get your tickets and arrive early because not only will you be a part of history you'll get to see a spectacular fireworks show to kick off opening ceremonies. It's been rumored that Feld Entertainment has $100,000 dollars worth of fireworks to set off tomorrow. Now that is how to kick of a supercross.