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Monster drinks: Investigated for targeting to children

Monster energy drinks investigated for targeting to young children and teenagers

Monster drinks are being investigated by a New York state’s attorney general and a San Francisco city’s attorney general, according to WebProNews on Wednesday.

Even though all of the deaths that have been suspected of being caused by energy drinks have been cleared by the Food and Drug Administration (the FDA) – as it has found no evidence that the beverages have caused the deaths – investigations continue.

A couple from Maryland has recently filed a lawsuit against Monster Beverage Corp. after their 14-year-old daughter fell into an induced coma – after having drank two cans within one day from one another. In the case of the girl’s death, doctors said that her heart stopped after she drank the second 24-ounces of Monster. The lawsuit asserted that Monster’s ingredients are dangerous and children – including teenagers - should not be targeted in the company’s advertising.

Of concern is that health experts recommend 100 mg of caffeine per day for minors and caffeinated Monster drinks have an average of 240 mg – more than twice the daily allowance.

Monster is being accused of not being completely open about its products’ ingredients and the possible health risks that may be involved in consuming the beverage.

The attorneys-general who are pursuing the cases against Monster’s marketing to minors are New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and San Francisco Attorney General Dennis Herrera.

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