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Monster 7-inch devices to be supported in Windows Phone 8.1 GDR 1 update

Nokia Lumia 620 running Windows Phone 8.1
Khaosaming - Wikimedia Commons

Smartphone fans around the globe often look to tech blogs and other media outlets to find out the juiciest news about their favorite platforms, and often the manufacturers websites are overlooked when a lot of times the best secrets can be found directly on their pages. As reported by WMpoweruser on July 28, the first update to Microsoft's Windows Phone 8.1(GDR 1) has been revealed by the Redmond, Washington-based giant.

The GDR (General Developer Release) is essentially the next update for the Windows Phone platform that Microsoft rolls out to hardware manufacturers before it gets released to the consumers. Buried within the Dev Center of Microsoft’s website, two pages that were all about the update were found, and now the details of what those pages contained are starting to be revealed.

The information listed withing these pages is so that OEM’s (original equipment manufacturers) can get an idea about what will be supported in the next update, and there are a quite a few features to look forward to with Windows Phone 8.1-GDR 1.

Included in the update will be support for devices with a resolution of 1280x800 WXGA, diagonal screen sizes of up to 7-inches, 540x960 qHD resolution will be supported, Bluetooth PAN (personal area network), and Bluetooth aptX codec support for high quality Bluetooth audio will also be baked into the release. Other updates to Windows Phone 8.1 include a medium size Store live tile, native support for folders, support for interactive phone covers, being able to activate Cortana via Bluetooth, and Voice over LTE (VoLTE).

There are certainly some exciting changes coming to the platform, and the most surprising is the fact that we might see some 7-inch Windows Phone devices in the future. Other long requested features such as native folder support is finally on the way to the platform, and the updates to Cortana will be welcomed, especially now that users will be able to use Cortana via Bluetooth while in a car for example. The ability to use interactive covers like the Dot View case for HTC’s One M8, will really help elevate the platform, and will help bring it up to speed with other mobile operating systems that already support this feature.

While many of the GDR 1 updates are firmly aimed toward manufacturers and not consumers, there are still a lot of features that end users can get excited about. The exact release date of the GDR 1 update it not yet known, but Microsoft will likely push the update out sooner, rather than later.

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