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Monsieur Marcel at the Farmer's Market

Complimentary bread and olive plates with a glass of delicious pinotage.
Complimentary bread and olive plates with a glass of delicious pinotage.

The LA Farmer’s Market is designed to offer both culinary and climatological delights. From a cosmopolitan array of eateries to the bountiful southern California sunshine, rarely is a food course such a pleasant destination.  Monsieur Marcel Pain, Vin et Fromage is a genial restaurant in two stalls with an attendant grocery store. Its classic French offerings run the gamut from coq a vin to cheese platters to fondue. A basket of bread is complimentary.

Monsieur Marcel for a light repast or a full meal, at the Los Angeles Farmer's Market.
Flor San Roman

There are a number of impressive wines available by glass. The number, frankly, is startling for an outdoor restaurant. But everything at M. Marcel starts out charming and then kicks it up a notch or three. As far as wine goes, French vintages are stressed both in the by-the-glass and by-the-bottle sections. New Zealander, Australian, Spanish and Italian wines elbow their way onto the menu, as do a couple South African wines. But from the Americas only Chile and Argentina make a showing. There’s not a single California representative on the entire menu. Daring for a Los Angeles restaurant, but perhaps to be expected at an unabashed French eatery. Review the by-the-bottle section for dramatic and premier vintages.

Of course, as this is a restaurant wine is not available by the taste. However, simply ordering a glass of wine at the bar and taking in a beautiful summer’s day is perfectly acceptable. In case of heat I heartily recommend pairing the Stormhoek pinotage with the rich dutch chocolate ice cream. The patient, attentive and knowledgeable waitstaff will understand.

Monsieur Marcel is located inside the Farmer’s Market at 3rd and Fairfax at 6333 W. 3rd St Los Angeles, CA 90036. Hours are 11-9 Monday-Friday, 9-9 Saturday and 9-7 on Sunday. Call 323 939 7792 for more information.


  • Aaron - LA Cocktails Examiner 5 years ago

    This is a great place to relax and nosh at the Farmer's Market. And wine!

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