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Monsanto Tekmira Ebola vaccine what we already know protect yourself

Monsanto and Tekmira Pharmaceuticals Corporation Vancouver, British Columbia have become partners in the deal of the century, the quest to develop an Ebola vaccine. The seed money began at one million dollars and is growth is estimated to reach eighty-six million dollars before it’s all over. The United States Department of Defense’s Medical Countermeasure Systems Biodefense Therapeutics Joint Product Management Office is in charge of research development.

The deadly Ebola virus disease is described as hemorrhagic fever that has a fatality rate of ninety-percent What we do know is that the disease is occurring mostly in remote villages in Central West Africa near tropical rain forests. Patients require intense supportive care. The virus is spread from wild animals to people and within the population from human-to-human. Fruit bats of the Pteropodidae are considered the hosts for the deadly disease. People who come in contact with the secretions, organs or body fluids of said animals contract Ebola. People who recover from the disease can still spread the disease for up to seven more weeks.

Tekmira Pharmaceuticals announced July 21. 2014 Phase I clinical hold The United States Food and Drug Administration citing the modification cykotine release dose protocol for public health safety. Tekmira says the hold will not keep them from going forward. Dr. Mark Murray President and CEO of Tekmira Pharmaceuticals said, “It’s important to note the recommended dosage and the dosage multiple ascending dosages for the vaccine for people already infected with the Ebola Virus disease. The TKM-Ebola Phase I results look good showing a pre-medication dose may not be necessary. We will be modifying our study protocol to reflect the recommendations of the US FDA and to ensure public safety from the worst Ebola outbreak in public history. We are aware of this important therapeutic during this Ebola outbreak in West Africa. However, currently TKM-Ebola is an unapproved agent.”

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