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Monsanto's toxic chemical sweetener called Neotame

Neotame is nothing but FDA approved poison.
Neotame is nothing but FDA approved poison.

Have you heard the latest news about the new artificial sweetener that has been approved for human consumption? A new chemical sweetener created in a lab by non other than, you guessed it, Monsanto, has was approved back in 2002 by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and is now coming on the market. Whats so bad about Neotame that it makes national health news? Like Aspartame, Neotame is a toxin that after consumed metabolizes into formaldehyde.

If you think that consuming embalming fluid sounds appetizing then consider this. The toxic levels of formaldehyde metabolite is very dangerous at low doses. This product created by Monsanto has high doses and Neotame has added toxicity over Aspartame and the excito-toxic amino acid. Neotame contains that plus added 3-dimethylbutyl, which the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has listed as one of the most hazardous known chemicals.

The best part yet, it does not have to be labeled on any of the products to which it is added. We are talking everything that you consume including organic foods! The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) the World Health Organization (WHO) and the European Food Safety Agency (EFSA) all consider the product safe. Now lets look at how they came up with that idea. According to Natural, “An investigation conducted by found only four studies relating to Neotame in the MEDLINE database.

Two of these "studies" were not studies at all, and the other two were actually one duplicate study conducted by NutraSweet, the company that produces and sells Neotame.” Didn't see what you were looking for there or expecting to see? That makes two of us then. The FDA has continuously approved things like artificial sweeteners, genetically altered food and artificial preservatives despite the fact that there have not been any testing of safety for these things.

But that's not the only repetition of the FDA and Monsanto. Some of the products they approve for human consumption have been proven to destroy body organs and systems in lab rats which arr almost identical to human systems and organs. Such as the GE corn that is on the market in many stores which showed that consuming this corn destroys the reproductive organs and system in lab rats. Yet the FDA says it is safe for us to consume.

Worst part about this whole Neotame thing is that the FDA also says the product is so safe that it does not even have to be labeled on food products. That means you could be eating it and not even know. Even UDA organic foods can contain this high toxic and deadly chemical additive created by the world's leader in chemicals, Monsanto. Folks this is the same company that creates roundup, the world's deadliest weed killer.

This is also the company that is at fault for all the Vietnam vets dieing with Agent Orange Poisoning today. This company wants to create Agent Orange Corn and have it in your grocery stores for you and your kids to eat. That means corn fields can be sprayed with Agent Orange, foliage remover, and the corn not be affected. The spray remains on and in the corn when you eat it, what it has done to the Vietnam vets it will do to you as well.

Neotame is a dangerous chemical that has been approved by the FDA to be placed in your food and the food not even have to be labeled as containing the product. Do you still trust the FDA, Monsanto and the US Government departments that are over you food? Yes there are some people out there that will say, this does not effect them that they just don't care. But as for this Examiner and his household, this product as well as any Monsanto products will never be approved of.


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