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Monsanto - Frankenstein Meets Green Acres

March Against Monsanto
March Against Monsanto
March Against Monsanto

Monsanto. I always liked the sound of that word—until recently.

Check out the Wikipedia page to find out more about this mega company, which is very active in the American political process.

Monsanto is the company that developed Agent Orange, that chemical used in Vietnam to deforest the jungle, which has impacted the health and lives of thousands of Vietnam veterans. One of Monsanto's big money makers is Roundup, a herbicide that you can buy at your local store to attack the weeds in your yard. The health impact of Roundup might not be as drastic as what happened in Vietnam. Or is it? See this article by a famous doctor:

On Saturday May 24, a march against Monsanto will take place again. Last year's event attracted about two million people. Here's the article I wrote about this last year:

One of the big issues with Monsanto has been the GMO products they have been bringing to the marketplace. GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organism. Monsanto has modified several plants, including those which are part of the human and animal food supply. These crops are being planted everywhere in the world where they have not been banned by the governments. There are two big concerns here;

#1 – Monsanto no doubt tested these plants to make sure they are hardy and have a great survival and high yield to the acre. They tweaked their seeds to be the best they can be as far as surface criteria. But what about the impact on human lives who consume these "new" foods? How much testing and especially long range testing of that type was done? What if five years from now, we discover that these crops are unhealthy. It will be vital that seeds that are not modified are preserved somewhere so man could get back to God's original design. I know this scenario smacks of a sci-fi novel, but our world is facing challenges of such proportions.

#2 – Monsanto has been lobbying to allow foods to be marketed without labeling that identifies the ingredients as containing genetically modified organisms. That means that even health conscious people can be ingesting these GMO's without knowing. That makes me angry. We have the right to know the contents of anything we buy. It is easy enough to identify Monsanto products that they manufacture and market directly, but with corn or wheat or some other food product, we would have great difficulty in identifying which products contain the GMO's and ones that don't.

Why should you lose any sleep over GMO's? Check out this full length documentary to see why: This video may convince you to join the marchers on the 24th. Check out this website to see where the marches are being held in your area. Unfortunately South Dakota, as well as some other agricultural areas, don't have a march scheduled. Perhaps you can organize one next year.

This scenario smacks a bit of the story of Frankenstein. Just a tidbit for you folks: the monster from the story Frankenstein was not named Frankenstein in the original novel. The doctor who created the monster was Dr. Frankenstein. Think about that for a second as you ponder the future of the world's population and Monsanto (and other similar companies).

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