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Monopoly Junior, making the classic game accessible for younger audiences

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The classic board game, Monopoly, has been loved by families for decades. The biggest struggle for families has been making the game accessible for younger children. Monopoly Junior adapts the classic game for the younger audience.

Monopoly Junior, everyone can play

Monopoly Junior is a child's first Monopoly game. The classic elements from the iconic board game have been scaled down to be easy for younger players. Like the game players, the junior game tokens are the younger versions of classic tokens. Choose from an adorable cat or a playful puppy to travel around the aboard acquiring businesses.

Some of the fun aspects of Monopoly are incorporated to this version. Players still pass go. They could be sent to jail. Plus, there's always free parking. Just be careful when landing on the chance space.

Since banking transactions can be difficult for the younger player, the Monopoly Junior game comes with single bank notes. When a player wants to buy the ice cream parlor or the burger joint, players count out the simplified dollar amount. Also, the properties are geared to a younger audience. A six year old wouldn't know the value of Boardwalk, but they understand that everyone loves to stop at a candy store. Which player will be build the successful plan? Play to find out.

Monopoly Junior comes with a game board, 4 tokens, 20 chance cards, 48 sold signs, 90 banknotes, 4 character cards, and 1 die. It is a fast paced game that the whole family can enjoy.

Monopoly Junior retails for approximately $14.99. It is available at Hasbro online or at many major retailers.

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