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Monona Grove receives $540k grant to fight childhood obesity

Monona Grove schools are on track with a $540k grant thanks to Michelle Obama's Let's Move campaign.
Monona Grove schools are on track with a $540k grant thanks to Michelle Obama's Let's Move campaign.
Wikimedia Commons

March 18, 2010 - The Monona Grove school district received more than $540,000 from a federal Physical Education for Progress (PEP) grant designed to help fight childhood obesity. Last year the school district found one in every four of its students was either overweight or obese, and less than half the students said they enjoyed their physical education classes. The grant money can change all of that.

The money has provided new equipment like treadmills, exercise bikes, ellipticals, and even a vertical climbing wall for gym class. "It shows you how many calories you burned, and how fast you're going, and your pace, so I think that's cool," Katie Molstad, an eighth-grade student at Glacial Drumlin Middle School, said.

And the new equipment aims to go beyond just promoting physical health. "With something like a climbing wall comes confidence, and with middle schoolers, confidence is always an issue that we're faced with," Mike Whisler, the associate principal at Glacial Drumlin said.

Nearly $122,000 in matching grant funds was raised from the community, completely separate from the school district budget. 

This is just one example of the initiatives inspired by First Lady Michelle Obama's Let's Move campaign, which seeks to put an end to childhood obesity.


  • Kids Read And Ride 5 years ago

    I'm so glad that Monona Grove has been able to provide so many excellent resources for students to become healthier! Great job!

    Our school started a "Kids Read And Ride" program this year, exclusively from people in the community who donated their unwanted exercise bikes. Students love riding the bikes, while reading fun magazines and books! It has been a huge success--where students have already pedaled over 4,000 miles since September!

    Schools from Washington state to Florida have recently started "Read and Ride" programs. If you are interested in starting this free program at your school, visit our website:


    Scott Ertl, M.Ed.
    National "Kids Read and Ride" Program Coordinator
    Marvin Ward Elementary School
    Winston-Salem, NC
    (336) 774-4674

  • Linda 5 years ago

    Michelle Obama is hardly a role model in that she herself looks to be overweight. Her husband smokes and his cholesterol is very high.Even her own mother is overweight. Both Obamas believe that throwing taxpayer money at any problem will automatically stop the problem. This philosophy is erroneous especially at a time when the USA is bankrupt and borrowing 160 billion everyday. When the Chinese refuse to lend , Obama prints paper money and thus increases inflation for the American taxpayer!!!!

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