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Monogamy Vs Swinging

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There is a difference between monogamy and swinging. Monogamy involves a relationship where the parties involved agree to be in a relationship where they will not have sex outside their marriage. On the other hand swinging involves a lifestyle where parties involved can decide and go out of their marriage while having sexual pleasures. It is possible to start swinging after parties involved take time and discuss the benefits that they will enjoy after they decide to become swingers. After the parties involved decide to become swingers there are many ways through which swingers enjoy their lifestyle. For instance, there are clubs which are specifically meant for swingers to enjoy their time. After couples decide to become swingers they will enjoy where they will go to the clubs and have great time. While in the swingers clubs the members are able to participate in sex with different people hence making them increase their experiences. Unlike monogamy, swinging has a loft of benefits that you will ever enjoy. It is very easy to become swingers provided you discuss and agree with your partner. In case you are the one with the idea you need to take time and talk to your lover while explaining the benefits that you will be able to enjoy as swingers. The following are facts that you need to know between monogamy vs swinging:

Cons in monogamy:

There is a lot of cheating in couples

In a monogamous relationship there is high tendency of cheating where couples will end up facing a lot of challenges. This can be motivated by the fact that some parties are not satisfied in the relationship but they are not allowed to seek satisfaction somewhere. In swinging, the parties involved are able to interact with different people whom they will decide and get intimate with. The pain of cheating experienced in monogamy sometimes can lead the couples to getting stressed where they can do unimaginable things.

There is boredom in monogamous

The boredom comes in where the couples will be forced to have sex with the same people over and over. It is unlike a case of swinging where couples can decide to have sex with different people which leads them to achieving great satisfaction. Remember they will be able to eliminate boredom where they will be able to interact with different people whom they will have to experience different exposures each day they will be attending the swinging clubs. It is unlike monogamous where the couples will be forced to do the same things over and over again.

High divorce rate in monogamous relationships

Divorce is common in monogamous due to different reasons, for instance, the boredom can lead to divorce. Divorces usually leads to a lot of pain where the parties involved will undergo different challenges in life. After couples decide to turn into swinging they benefit a lot where they reduce chances of filling divorces greatly. Remember parties who engage in swinging are mature people who have open minds and they are free to discuss their issues and solve. It also offers them an opportunity to see what other people are doing after they decide to interact in different relationships such as threesomes while swinging.

Pros of swinging that you should know

There is lower divorce rate

Cases of divorce are very rare in swingers. This is due to the nature of the relationship where it leads to a reduction of jealousy. By the fact that parties involved are free to interact with different people they are able to sort out a lot of issues that can lead to divorces such as lack of satisfaction because the parties involved can access satisfaction in sex outside their marriage life.

Couples become friendlier and happier in swinging

Couples who swing are able to interact in different actives that will make them become freer with each other hence happy. In a swinging club you will find many people happy enjoying their lives. The couples are also able to meet with other people in the clubs who are able to share with them different challenges in their lives which make life very interesting for the couples who swing unlike their counterparts in monogamy who in most cases are affected by boredom.