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Monogamy Vs Open Marriage

Discover if an Open Marriage is for you
Discover if an Open Marriage is for youshutterstock

Monogamy refers to a relationship in which each of the couple stick to his/her partner only. There is no going out with other partners outside the wedlock. This is the type of relationship for most of the people who are only free to one partner. However, there are some disadvantages that are associated with this type of relationship. This is unlike for the case of other types of relationship where the partners are free to interact freely with others. What Are Some Of The Cons Of Monogamy?

Here are some of the common demerits of this type of relationship:

1.There Are Higher Divorce Rates

With this kind of relationship/marriage, there are a lot of divorces that have been evidenced. This is due to the fact that the people involved will be very strict on each other in case of any evidence of infidelity; they will be very harsh on each other. Besides, there are some instances where such divorce comes as a result of insufficient trust between the two partners. When the other partner interacts freely with other friends of the opposite gender, the other partner will be very jealousy and may file a divorce. The partners will be very mean and strict on each other and the only option in case of any mistake no matter how small it is will be a divorce. Read more: [Swingers have lower divorce rates]

2.It Limits The Interaction Of The Partners With Other People

This is due to the fact that each member will be very careful so as not to hurt the other. One has to avoid some of the friends of the opposite sex so as to maintain the trust in his/her relationship. If you must interact freely with other people of opposite sex, then it should be when the other partner is present and you should limit the topics of discussions.

3.You Will Not Be In A Position To Access More Pleasures And Tips Your Partner Is Not Aware Of

There are some pleasures and the love making tricks that your partner is not aware of. This means that you will not be able to enjoy or experience such pleasures with this type of relationship. You will just enjoy what your partner knows. In fact most of the partners will not get satisfied in their relationship.

4.After About Seven Years Couples Drift Apart

When the couples are not together after a divorce for a longer period of time, they will actually drift apart and even become strangers. They will have no business again and they are likely to forget each other. It will be very painful for the other partner when the other divorced partner is remarried. Read more:[How Swinging Can Help Release the 7 Year Itch caused by Marriage

Open Marriage

This is where the partners are very free to each other and the extra marital affairs are not considered an infidelity. In fact it is by a mutual agreement between the two partners. Some of the common open marriage practices include threesomes and the swingers’ party.

What Are The Pros Of The Open Marriage?

Here are some of the advantages that are associated with this type of marriage:

1.The Partners Are Free

This is not only good for the sake of the freedom but also for mental satisfaction. The partners can easily interact with other people and friends and even interchange the partners for more pleasure. This freedom will give a chance to the partners to optimize the pleasures of other partners and to experience what other friends have to offer without the restrictions from their partners. Read more:[How to talk your girl into an open relationship]

2.This Lowers The Rates Of Divorce

This is mainly because most of the people file for a divorce when they are not satisfied in their marriage. When they are given a chance to interact and share their needs with other people without any restrictions, they will be able to get the satisfaction the want and they will never wish to file for a divorce. Therefore this type of marriage will lower the chances of divorce.

3.It Enhance Trust And Honesty

The partners are free to each other and they will not have any reason to cheat to the other partner. They will be able to know the strengths and weaknesses of each other and they know how to find solutions to their problems. Therefore they will have all the reasons to be honest and trust each other. After all, they will get what they want.

4.You Will Be Able To Experience What Other Partners Have To Offer

This will give you a chance to know the pleasures other partners have to offer. You will not be restricted to your partner only who may not be aware of other ways of increasing the pleasure. Besides, you will learn from others easily as this type of marriage will give you a chance to know your weaknesses. You will also find easy solutions to your weaknesses.

How To Get Started In An Open Marriage Or Relationship

To get started n an open marriage, you must first lay down rules so no one gets hurt. Open means just that, you are open with one another. After the rules you can decide to go out on your own and find a sexual partner or visit an online source. Sites to look at are hotwifing and swingers sites. The largest swinger site is SwingLifeStyle. Couples explore this healthy lifestyle for pleasure together as swingers or separate as an open relationship or hotwifing or cuckolding. Before you start the lifestyle, decide if its best for the both of you so you both are on the same page.