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Monogamy Vs. Hotwifing

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Hotwifing is a lifestyle where a man agrees to share his wife with another man. Monogamy is a relationship where a man will stick to one wife at a time. Both the lifestyles have their own pros and cons and different people will decide on which lifestyle they will like to practice. In monogamy, people involved will tend to receive sexual satisfaction from their partners but in hotwifing, the wife may be free to go out and interact with different people from where she will experience great sexual satisfaction. In monogamy there are different cases such as infidelity which really affect the partners. This is simply because the partners agree to have sex between them and never go outside their relationship. This is not the case with hotwifing because the wife involved is free to go out and have sex with different people whom she will like to haves sex with and the husband knows. In most cases it involves a man agreeing to share his wife with another man. In monogamy the case of wife sharing cannot be accepted. The following are facts about hotwifing and monogamy:

Pros of hotwifing and sharing your wife

There are many benefits involved when a man agrees to wife sharing with other men. First, through wife sharing the husband is able to avoid cases where he will feel bitter after he discovers that the wife has cheated. Cases where a relationship can break due to infidelity are eliminated when a man decides to share his wife with other men. It is very easy for any man to take it when he shares out the man whom he knows. The following are pros of sharing a wife:

It is easy for the man to satisfy his wife sexually through hotwifing

This is possible where after a man discovers that he is of low endurance he will let other men help him in satisfying his wife while he is watching. Men also get extremely turned on watching another man please their wife. Apart from the satisfaction that the wife will achieve, the man will also enjoy where he will be able to watch the wife having sex with another man. By watching his wife having sex with another man, the husband will get aroused hence enjoy sex with the wife afterwards. Through the case where the man will be aroused it is a simple way where the man will develop a habit where he will be rejuvenated in sex. The wife gets the pleasure of having multiple orgasms from another man. Some hotwifing couples are extreme and want another man to ejaculate inside the wife. In some cases couples are into pregnancy risk sex.

Hotwifing enables the man develop a strong relationship with his wife

This will be possible where cases of feuds in the relationship will be eliminated. Some of the feuds that will be eliminated include cases of infidelity in a relationship. Infidelity in monogamous relationship can lead to a lot of pain where the partners will feel betrayed. After you decide to practice hotwifing the wife will be free to have sex with other men whom she will like to have sex with while the husband is fully aware. This will eliminate cases where a man will feel better after he discovers that his wife has some attraction with other men.

The cons of monogamy

Monogamy prevents the woman from having sex with other men outside her marriage. This poses great risk where the wife will end up cheating on the husband. This leads to a lot of pain where the parties involved feel betrayed. In some cases it can lead to suicide. This is unlike hotwifing where a case of sharing a wife is something that is very common.

There is no enough exposure in monogamy

Unlike hotwiifng where couples can experience pleasure with different people and end up learning a lot in life, in monogamy they are restricted to single partners which end up making them live while less exposed. These impacts negatively on those who have less experience in sex because they will be restricted on their life. In some cases it even make people live in life which they end up regretting later. Sometimes couples feel they are living with the wrong people in their monogamy marriages but they are unable to face the challenges. After they turn to hotwifing they find the solution to their problems easily. To start a hotwifing relationship it needs people who have open minds. Signing up in online dating sites like SwingLifeStyle is the best way to ensure you access the right people for you to start the open relationship.