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Monogamy vs. Cuckolding

Monogamy vs. Cuckolding
Monogamy vs. Cuckolding

Cuckolding is a relationship where couples agree to have sex outside their marriage. It involves a woman practicing sex outside marriage where the husband knows. First before the couple decides to engage in cuckolding they have to discuss and agree. After agreeing they will be looking for a bull, who is a man with more sexual endurance than the regular husband. It can be hard to locate a bull but with cuckold dating sites, it is very easy for couples to register in online dating sites where they can access a lot of people online who are swingers. The bull has to have more sexual endurance in order to satisfy the wife more than the husband usually satisfies her. During the act where the wife will be satisfied sexually by another man, the husband will be watching after which he will be humiliated by being made sometimes to clean the semen that another man has deposited on or in the genitals of his wife. It is a great sign of humiliation but the parties agree to participate in the lifestyle hence they end up enjoying. A monogamy relationship involves a couple that agrees to have sex only in their marriage which usually involves a woman and husband.

Pros of cuckolding that you should know:

Stronger bond in the relationship

There are many benefits that couples that practice cuckolding enjoy. First, there is a strong bond in the relationship because the couples involved agree to practice the lifestyle. This make the couples live in a lifestyle where they are freer with each other hence helping them to create a strong bond between them. By the fact that the man agrees that he has less sexual endurance as compared to his wife who has more sexual drive they will end up bonding more. The strong bond between the partners even makes it possible for the husband to endure the humiliation that is involved. A strong bond that is experienced in cuckolding cannot be compared as the one that is seen in a monogamy relationship because in monogamy there are many incidences where couples will doubt each other.

There is more sexual satisfaction cuckolding

The wife will be more satisfied in a cuckolding relationship unlike a monogamy relationship where the wife will be restricted to her husband even if the husband has low sexual drive. In a cuckolding relationship the couples will benefit from the fact that the wife is free to go and get satisfied with another man at the presence of his wife. Because the husband will be present while the wife is being satisfied it is a great benefit that the couples enjoy because they eliminate cases where they will feel like one of them is cheating on the other. People who practice cuckolding are free minded people who are able to discuss issues among them in a free manner. This makes it possible for them to live in harmony because any issue that can be between them they will easily sort it out.

Negatives of monogamy:

There can be cheating

There are many cons of monogamy that couples practice it encounter. One of the disadvantages that face monogamous couples is the act of cheating. Because a wife in monogamous relationship is not allowed to meet with other men who can satisfy her outside their normal relationship, there are many cases where the wife can end up cheating on the husband. This will lead to the parties involved to really get stressed in the relationship. In some cases due to lack of openness in monogamy relationships the relationship can even end up breaking.

Monogamy fails to satisfy the wife

It is very hard for a wife to be satisfied in a monogamy relationship in case the husband has low sex drive. In case it is a monogamous relationship and the wife happen to have more sex drive, she will be forced to live in a relationship where she will live without any happiness because she will not be satisfied in bed. There is also slack of expose in monogamy which is unlike in cuckolding where the wife will be able to interact with different men from where she will access great exposure that will satisfy her husband. Couples involved in cuckold dating can be much happier however its recommended that you start with a cuckold dating website and not a listing like craigslist.

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