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Monkeys getting high on Stimulus bill funds called worst use of government money

A North Carolina College is researching cocaine using monkeys
A North Carolina College is researching cocaine using monkeys
Iron Mill

When President Obama said, “what do you think a stimulus bill is?”  I did not think it was to buy cocaine and get Monkeys high.  I know there is monkey business in Washington,  but again, not this kind.  I am a bit miffed that Monkeys are getting high on my dime.  But that is what a stimulus bill is, a spending bill, for drugs and monkeys.  So how many jobs?  Well only 1 but not even a new job, an existing  job … are those people HIGH?

So, what is the $71,623 federal stimulus grant paying for?

Well, a job, said Mark Wright, a spokesman for the Wake Forest University School of Medicine.

"It's actually the continuation of a job that might not still be there if it hadn't been for the stimulus funding. And it's a good job," Wright said. "It's also very worthwhile research."

The study is examining the effects of cocaine on a particular neurotransmitter among monkeys who have had a long-term addiction to cocaine.

Look  if the stimulus was to create and save jobs they could have used Human subjects instead of Monkeys then when the subjects got hooked on cocaine, they could hire substance abuse treatment counselors to get them off of cocaine.  How about put them in inpatient treatment,  that way you could have nurses and doctors jobs as well.  I mean lets really create some jobs!   I mean what do you think a stimulus bill is anyway?  A spending bill right?  Heck if a guy dies in treatment.. you have a real shovel ready job.

The Civitas Institute, a watch dog group in North Carolina, calls the study the number 1 waste of stimulus funds in the state  Study of monkeys using cocaine

Wake Forest University was granted money to “study the effects of self-administering cocaine on the glutamate system on monkeys.” Well, at least the monkeys will be stimulated. 

The information about the Wake Forest University use of stimulus money for research cane be found on website


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