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Monica Spears, Miss Venezuela 2005, shot to death: 5 arrested, a few under 18

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Monica Spear, Miss Venezuela 2005, was shot and killed when her family fell prey to a robbery scheme on an isolated road in Venezuela. Monica Spear and her ex-husband had taken their five-year-old daughter on vacation to Venezuela so her daughter could see the beautiful country of her origin, according to Fox News live on Jan. 8.

According to WFTV.9 today, while on an isolated road coming back from the mountains, thieves put sharp objects in the road in a desolate area of the countryside. Spear, her ex, and daughter ran over the objects in their car and two of the tires were punctured.

Two tow trucks game along almost immediately and put their car on the back of one of the trucks for transport. It was then that the men turned on Spears and her ex to rob them, they were still sitting in the car. They locked the car door to keep the thieves out, but car windows were no protection from the bullets.

Spears was shot and killed, as was her ex, Thomas Henry Berry. Their five-year-old daughter Maya was also shot, but survived. She remains in a hospital today with a wound to her leg.

Spears family had talked her into moving to South Florida after she was rubbed six times while in Venezuela. Spears was living in Florida, but decided to vacation in the country of her origin and the country she loved.

Five males have been arrested in this crime, with a few under the age of 18, reports Fox News today.

Police say there has been a series of these type of robberies along desolate roads in the country. Sharp objects are put on the road and when a car gets disabled from flat tires the occupants are robbed and sometimes killed.

Spear’s father talked with Fox News from his home in Florida. Sadly, he found out about his daughter’s death on TV today. He was distraught over the news of losing his daughter, who he was very proud of. His concern turned to his granddaughter, now left without parents.

Besides winning the Miss Venezuela contest back in 2005, Spears was a popular soap-opera actress and also a graduate of UCF.