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Monica Spear 7 arrests: Stolen camera aids in arrests, new leads in sad killing

The Monica Spear case has now yielded 7 arrests this week, with a digital camera that was stolen from Spear’s former husband and the past Miss Venezuela aiding in the making of these arrests. The lovely 29-year-old Monica Spear was tragically shot dead in a sad killing alongside the other innocent victim earlier this Jan. during a sudden robbery near a Puerto Cabello highway. NewsOxy shares the most recent details on these new leads this Sunday, Jan. 12, 2014.

Monica Spear 7 arrests: Stolen camera aids in arrests, new leads in sad killing
YouTube Media Screenshot, WorldNewsReport

A total of 7 arrests have so far been made in the fatal shooting of Monica Spears, confirms Puerto Cabello police this Thursday. Thomas Henry Berry, 39, and 29-year-old Monica Spear were gunned down right in front of their daughter (only five years old) this week, sparking international outrage and a call to end such horrific violence.

Now, law enforcement authorities are saying that the finding of a digital camera that was stolen from the victims is playing a huge role in the robbery and murder investigation. The camera was discovered in an organized search of a resident’s home, a man among the 7 suspects that were placed under arrest this week.

According to the press release on the Monica Spear 7 arrests lead:

“The camera eventually led police to a criminal band that preyed on passing motorists on the section of the highway near Puerto Cabello that was the [site of the violent crime] … According to local media reports, Spear and Berry had a good relationship despite being divorced, and were returning to Caracas on vacation when a sharp object in the road punctured two of their tires.”

Once the car had been hit, police noted in their report that a pair of tow trucks arrived, and the fatal shooting took place once the car was being lifted into a truck during the robbery itself. A minimum of six shots were fired into the vehicle, ending the lives of both Monica Spears and her ex-husband, once the pair had locked their doors so the bandits could not get inside.

A crew member from one of the trucks aided in making of the 7 arrests. Spear’s sad and completely unnecessary murder incited a national uprising of sorrow and anger at Venezuela’s increasing number of robbery, crime, and shooting rates, bringing the tragedy to the worldwide stage.

Police interviews are now being held with the suspects, and officials hope to learn more through their investigation on the Monica Spear case by the end of the week.

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