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Monica Seles is getting married to a 72-year-old man

Monica Seles
Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

Monica Seles is now getting married but fans of this former pro tennis player are a bit shocked by what is going on. Fox Sports shared the news that she is now engaged to Former NHL owner Tom Golisano. The shocking part is that he is 72-years-old. These two have been together for several years though. They started dating back in 2009.

Pro Football Talk shared the news that Tom is still looking into buying the Buffalo Bills. Right now he is the main name that is being talked about for the purchase. If this happens, that means that Monica Seles could eventually be the owner of this team considering that he is already 72-years-old.

Seles and Golisano have shared the news that they plan to get married. Rumors are flying around about how soon the wedding will happen but so far there is no exact date for sure of when they will actually getting married to each other. This couple seems really happy together.

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