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Monica's story breaks as GOP attempts to discredit Hillary
Photo by Scott Gries

This is not a political opinion piece endorsing Hillary Clinton, but one must question what motivated Monica Lewinsky to choose exactly this time to break her “tell all” story to Vanity Fair. One must also assume she was well-paid to do so.

Every day another attempt is made by GOP pundits to discredit Hillary. No stone is left unturned, whether it be trotting out the Benghazi incident yet one more time and using taxpayers’ dollars and valuable hours in Congress to fulfill Daryl Issa’s and John Boehner’s witchhunt, or digging through everything in her past to find that one spectacular pearl in the bucket of oysters that will knock Mrs. Clinton out of the race should she decide to run,.

So now we have Lewinsky coming forth at a strategic time to tell the world, or anyone who will listen or pay attention, how emotionally and professionally scared she was by the shocking revelation of her affair with President Clinton so many years ago. Of course, it once again brings up the disgrace brought to the presidency of the United States while it almost brought Bill Clinton down. But one reporter, Ruth Marcus for the Washington Post, thinks it will have a different effect.

Back in those dark days, Lewinsky readily revealed so many more details than the public had to know. Gossip and scandal mongers hung on every sex-filled, shocking revelation Lewinsky uttered. She waxed graphic when simple explanations or answers would have done the trick. Each statement drawing a worse and worse picture, as she painted herself as the innocent young girl who had been so badly taken advantage of by a consensual affair. And, what did she do after the dust settled? Used the notoriety to try to launch a business selling handbags of her own design, and later used the pseudo-celebrity to become a spokesperson for Jenny Craig. But that wasn’t the end of it. In this new essay she reportedly laments about missing out on jobs because of the backlash from all of the publicity surrounding her affair. This is no surprise. Would you want to hire someone who volunteers every salacious detail to a scandal-hungry public?

Apparently she paints herself as a naïve child. At twenty years old, many women carry the responsibility of life in the real world. They are mothers, heads of households and many are responsible workers on a path to a career. At age twenty one is not a little child. Twenty is an age where a crafty person is probably savvy enough to recognize opportunities that can come out of just such a situation as the one Lewinsky found herself in when the affair was exposed, and as her subsequent actions demonstrated, she made the decision to capitalize on those opportunities. Or,perhaps that is what she is attempting to do now—capitalize one more time.

In an article at, Mel Robbins writes: The powerful story here isn't the cigar and the blue dress with semen on it, it's that after 16 years of relentless bullying and a past that won't go away, Lewinsky has figured out a way to use the experience to help others by taking ownership of it. The article goes on to say: …you don't publicly execute people for these everyday offenses between two consenting adults, and yet that's basically what the world did to Lewinsky.

Let’s get real, people. How many of those other consenting adults willing fed the media every possible detail ultimately establishing what might have been thought of then as celebrity status? Most of them had their say and then disappeared from media coverage unlike Lewinsky who kept it going for years. It is laudable that she claims she has decided to come clean to help other victims of cyberbullying. Maybe, but one has to question what’s in it for her beyond doing what she perceives as a civic service?


Morgan St. James has written for for over three years. She is the author of eleven books and over 500 published articles. St. James co-authored La Bella Mafia with true crime author Dennis N. Griffin, a book about Bella Capo’s unbelievable struggle for survival, not written for the money but to help abuse victims, which it has.

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