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Monica, Mariah Carey's Whitney Houston tribute steals BET Awards 2012

Since Whitney Houston died in February, many fans have marked the BET Awards 2012 on their calendars to see exactly how the network would pay tribute to the music legend (it couldn’t be worse than their 2009 Michael Jackson tribute, right?). On Sunday, singers Monica and Mariah Carey actually managed to live up to those high expectations, with Whitney’s mother Cissy Houston managing to take to the stage, as well.

Monica performs 'I Love the Lord' in honor of Whitney Houston at the BET Awards 2012
Getty Images

Although Mariah was involved in the Whitney Houston tribute, she didn’t actually perform. But she did come to the BET Awards to talk about Whitney, their friendship, and how her unmistakable voice will be remembered for generations.

Monica, however, did perform. Singing Whitney’s song from “The Preacher’s Wife,” entitled “I Love the Lord,” Monica is one of a handful of artists working today that can perform a respectable rendition of a Whitney Houston song.

Later, it was Cissy Houston’s turn to pay tribute to her late daughter. Holding a tissue in her hand, Cissy performed an emotion-filled portion of “Bridge Over Troubled Water.”

Whitney Houston was definitely on the minds of a few big name artists at the BET Awards 2012. Beyonce mentioned Whitney during one of her acceptance speeches, and Kanye West named dropped Whitney during his memorable performance to open up the show.

Along with Whitney Houston, the BET Awards also managed to pay homage to the late Donna Summer.


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