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Monica Lewinsky: Destroying Hillary Clinton's chances at becoming president

Monica Lewinsky

The Monica Lewinsky story has resurfaced in the political realm via some conservative politicians such as Rep. Rand Paul and many pundits. The question that has come up regarding the Monica Lewinsky story is whether the revisiting of the decade-and-a-half- old story could harm Hillary Clinton’s chances of running for – and winning – the presidency in 2016, according to a host of media reports including WebProNews on Monday.

Some say that the 15-year-old scandal involving President Bill Clinton’s sexual relations with a White House intern – Monica Lewinsky – is a desperate GOP attempt to dwindle away at Clinton’s popularity well-before the 2016 presidential election process. Others believe it has nothing to do with desperation. They assert that it is a viable concern that needs to be raised and will be raised with good reason throughout the campaign process, as it involves the morality of the potential ‘first spouse’ who will be moving back into the White House with Hillary Clinton if she should be elected president.

As one will recall, former President Bill Clinton only made matters worse when he absolutely denied he had relations with Lewinsky by stating, “I did not have sex with that woman.” The truth which eventually came out was that he did, indeed, have sexual relations with that woman. On Aug. 26, 1998 – some six months after the accusations came out, he said, “I did have a relationship with Miss Lewinsky that was not appropriate. In fact, it was wrong.”

And, his wife, Hillary Clinton, stood by her man – which has confused and bothered many people since the story was holding headlines years ago. The question, again, does America want or need such a woman – or couple – back in the White House?

Rand Paul stirred the controversial pot when he was on NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday and defended his wife’s comment to “Vogue” magazine about Bill Clinton’s affair with Lewinsky being “predatory” and “offensive to women.”

Many believe the topic is quite appropriate, especially since “the left” continues to refer to the Republican Party’s “war on women.” The Clinton affair in the White House begs the question: “Which Political Party really has a ‘war against women’ when there are people like President Clinton having an affair in the White House, Jesse Jackson Jr. having an illegitimate child while being married, and on and on?”

Most likely, the nation will keep being reminded of the Clinton and Lewinsky affair – and with good reason – as long as there is an alleged ‘war on women’ being thrown at the conservatives in politics - and maybe even longer than that.

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