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Mongolian Designer Katya Zol back at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week for Spring 2015

Designer Katya Zol, who brought Mongolia center stage at Lincoln Center during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week with her Fall 2014 Collection in February, will present her Spring 2015 collection. Designers from 12 countries, including Australia, Brazil, China, France, India, Israel, Italy, Korea, Spain and the United States, along with 15 designers making their MBFW debut, will bring beauty, color, and excitement during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2015 from September 4th through the11th. Last season Zol put the "show" back in fashion last February at Lincoln Center by creating a cultural mood for her presentation. Zol’s show opened with a Mongolian singer in traditional garb, followed by an acrobat from her native homeland. Then the exotic adventure began with several high-stepping, high-cheek-boned Mongolian models striding down the runway with a gold stripe painted down their forehead and nose and projecting an attitude of fashion fierceness, uncommon on the runway these days. “Not a lot of people know about Mongolia,” Zol said. “I wanted to let them know [the show] was not just about fashion,” she told Examiner.

Zol, a native of Mongolia, where winter temperatures can dip to -22 degrees Fahrenheit, drew from her cultural experience for her Fall 2014 collection. She designed coats, jackets, and hoodies made of sheep and goat skins, ranging in color from dark brown, burnt orange to spotted black and white, which would ward off the wind in any cold country. But her stunning collection, which blended traditional design elements into a modern sense of style, also included shimmering silks, luxurious leathers, and caressing cashmere dresses — and even boiled wool. One outstanding piece was a baby blue short jacket with two-tiers of white fur reminiscent of the Buddhist temples of the region.

She showcased her skill in crafting leather creations with a Mandarin-collared leather dress with a circular motif, and a one-shoulder dress with a lace-up front. An outstanding brown leather jumpsuit and a pair of leather pants, both sported black semi-circular designs, mimicking Mongolian writing. She tailored pantsuits with Nehru collars out of bold blue and gold patterned silk blended with synthetic material, modernizing the look with a solid blue skinny leg pant.

Clinging floor length cashmere dresses spanned the earth tone palette from beige to dark brown, embellished with delicate metal link chains. One beige dress with a deep center neck plunge was draped with small chains, again invoking the design of a Buddhist temple. Referencing the Mongolian architecture of the “ger”—a spiraling circular semi-permanent tent common in the country — embellishments such as necklaces, belts mimicked this circular design. One standout from the collection was a stunning white dress, featured a jewel-studded collar with the jewels trailing dramatically all the way down the back.

Her Spring 2015 Collection will certainly be intriguing since the Spring is warmer. But although Mongolia known as the "Land of the Blue Sky" warms up by mid-May, snow can still show up. Can't wait to see what materials she will be working with for the Spring collection and what kind of show she will put on! Make sure you watch The Fashion Channel video, so you know how she puts on a show!

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