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Money Saving Tips

It seems everyone is trying to find ways to save these days.  Here are a few tips for saving money that are  easy to do. 

1.  Stay home.  If you are a stay at home mom, but find yourself running errands everyday and by doing that, spending a little here and there on drinks, a quick bite to eat, a magazine, etc, it will be a good money saving tactic to stay home a couple days a week.  Just rearrange the errands to the same day if possible. 

2.  Eat in.  You can easily make a dinner at home for $10, where as going out to eat can cost at least $40 on average.  If you eat out once a week, make it every other week and that's a savings (depends on your family) of $60 a month!

3.  Buy frozen pizza.  Most families order pizza from a restaurant at least twice a month.  If you replace that with a couple frozen pizzas--even the more expensive ones--you can save your family more money than you realize.  DiGiorno and Freshchetta are good brands to try.

4.  Be prepared.  How many times have you left home with your kids, only to have them become thirsty or hungry while you are out?  Then you may stop somewhere or pull through a drive through to get them a quick drink/bite.  If you put a little cooler in your car, and put some water, juice, and a couple snacks in there, you will minimize the need to stop on the road. 

5.  Use your local library.  Besides just books, most libraries have a good selection of movies for kids and adults, that are rentable for a week typically.  There are even some new releases, and many times you can reserve certain titles through your library online.  Then you won't feel the urge to buy a movie while you are at Walmart. 


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