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Money saving tip: It really matters how candles are stored

Years ago families made their own candles and it was a long and time consuming process in order to read or light up a room. Today electricity has taken over most of the work candles did in the past. But the use of candles has not completely diminished. Today they are used for and in many others ways that just to provide light.

Keep candles safely stored so they will always be usable!

Candles purchased today are expensive especially if you look for ones that are no-drip, slow burning or were created with elaborate designs. Then take into consideration the size of candles and the range of prices go up the larger the candle becomes.

Getting candles on sale is cost effective especially if you enjoy the warm glow they provide and use them often in your home. Since you love placing them about the house and using them to bring added fragrance to a room or just change the ambiance of the room so it is more romantic for you and your loved one.

It doesn’t stop there. You also need to be able to care for those candles so you really get your money’s worth out of them. The process of candle care is simple. So why not care for them when you can purchase them on sale or get a great deal on a bulk package.

How to store and care for candles:

  • Always keep candles in a dry but cool and dark place. Light isn’t good for candles. It causes the colors of the candles to fade. Light colored candles when exposed to too much light will turn blotchy and a yellowish color that isn’t attractive.
  • Another reason to keep candles in a designated space is heat. The dry and cool place they are stored in helps prevent candles from warping. Heat softens the wax causing them to alter their shape. Candles should be stored in one layer if at all possible so they won’t stick to each other.
  • The reason for a dry place is because there can be a lot of moisture in the air. Going from air conditioning to heat and the change in temperature from outside affecting the air inside the home also affects the candle wicks. When the wicks of candles get damp or wet or just absorb moisture that you cannot feel it will make lighting the wick quite difficult.
  • Keep candle jars stored in their upright position. Store votive and tapered candles in the boxes then were purchased in. Always keep large pillar candles in an upright position. Wrap them with tissue or waxed paper if the area you store them in is tight to prevent them from touching each other. Using cardboard from paper towel rolls around thinner candles is an added protection from discoloration the light may cause.

Enjoy your candles and store them for long lasting use now or later!

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