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Money-saving tip: Gold investment



  • Sami 6 years ago

    Where is the don't drink & email? lol

  • Charles 6 years ago

    Not sure who Sami is, but she sounds fun!
    My parents are hoarding gold and I had the same concern...when is the bottom going to fall out? I guess that depends on the Economy finally getting past some point of stabilization, but when is that and what is that magic number when to sell?

  • Samuel 6 years ago

    My gold investments are still better than my collapsed 401K! We need something secure and metals are our only hope.

  • Elizabeth 6 years ago

    It sounds as if you are encouraging other stocks, but not mentioning them. The reason for that is that with this current administration, no stocks are safer than natural metals! Gold and Silver are the investment answers and may be the only investments until 2012!

    Elizabeth Marie - Fort Bend Conservative Examiner

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