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Money-saving tip: In Cheap we trust



  • Tomas 6 years ago

    This is so true. When I lived in Mexico, we didn't know about half the stuff I can't "live without". On one hand, that just shows how far I've come, but on the other hand...I need to not get caught up in trying to buy the best of everything all the time. Tortillas, beans and cheese used to be a good meal! Now...I need my BBQ and steaks.

  • Sara 6 years ago

    James, this is very good information and I will read this book. We used to be proud of our savings and money we could save while shopping. My grandchildren are terrible about earning a dime and spending a dollar! I try to explain to them that is what hurt our national economy now...and everyone needs to learn these lessons in morality with economy. Nothing wrong with being penny-wise!

  • Frank 6 years ago

    Why save? Life is short; money does me no good after I die.

  • Samuel 6 years ago

    I'd save more if I had more coming in, but jobs today don't pay much so most guys I know live paycheck to paycheck.
    Saving isn't the issue....earning is

  • Elizabeth 6 years ago

    Living within your means is fine provided it is not government controlled. Capitalism works...and the current administration needs to learn that lesson!

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