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Money saving Apps: Make your cell phone work for you

Some cell phone apps can help you save and make money.
Some cell phone apps can help you save and make money.
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Most people spend quite a bit for their cell phone plans, so why not make your cell phone work for you? There are several Apps out there that will help you save money and a few that will help you make money. So put your cell phone to work, maybe it will pay it's own bill in time. The following are just a few Apps to get you started, there are sure to be more out there.

Target's Cartwheel- This App, designed for use while shopping in Target stores is helpful in giving you coupons that you never have to print or clip! There are categories for every part of the store from food to electronics or beauty. You can search for deals before heading to the store to help you decide what will be your best deal for that week. If you need milk, check to see if there is a special and you may be surprised to see you can save a percentage or even money off if you buy a certain size or brand. You scan the item with your phone as you put it in your carriage. Once you get to the register and after all other coupons have been scanned, the clerk will scan your phone and you will then save on the items that were on special in Cartwheel that week. Very simple to use!

Checkout 51-This App offers you cash back on brand name items that you purchase. Each week offers different deals. You purchase your items and then scan your receipt, they give you money back for each qualifying purchase!

Ibotta- This is a rebate App that has offers at different stores like Walmart or Stop and Shop, CVS or Whole Foods. They also have offers for Home Improvement stores or Restaurants and more. You spend a certain amount on an item or at a store, then follow what is needed to earn your rebate. It might be something like watching a video or taking a poll. Very simple way to get cash back for things you are already buying.

Cumberland Farms SmartPay-This App will give you $.10 cents off per gallon of gas just for paying through their App. Absolutely worth it with gas prices so crazy!

Easy Shift- Depending on what part of the country you are in, there can be jobs listed in abundance. You would do things like go to a specific store to check and see if a manufacturer's display is set up properly. Not too hard if the jobs are in your area.

Gigwalk- This job APP seems to have more opportunities than Easy Shift-for the time being anyway. Depending on your location, the App shows you different jobs near you where you would go and take photos of an establishment both inside and out.

These are just a few options for you to try to make your smart phone work for you. Have you found other Apps I should add to the list? I'd love to hear about them!

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