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Money problems continue to increase threats to Los Angeles legal system

We have written in this column about the severe budgetary problems in Los Angeles which has lead to court closures the third Wednesday of each month, and the problems and issues that has created for the community. Now, it appears that lack of money could lead to significant layoffs in the Los Angeles City Attorney's Office.

These layoffs may be necessary to help the City cope with a $200 million deficit budget for the rest of the fiscal year. City Attorney Carmen Trutanich has written a letter to the City in which he said: "The significant reductions in this Office purportedly proposed by the CAO, and recently published in the media, are disproportionate and not reflective of the actual budget shortfall currently in this Office..."  "Specifically, such proposed draconian reductions do not recognize and credit the real and impressive cost-saving and deficit reduction successes we have already accomplished since July 1, 2009..."

It remains to be seen whether or not there will actually be layoffs, and, if so, whether those layoffs will include lawyers at the City Attorney's Office. Nevertheless, there is no question, that the severe budgetary and financial problems currently plaguing Los Angeles has, and will continue, to affect the judicial and legal system here in Los Angeles.


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