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Money for Hernando airport is wasted

Money for Hernando airport is wasted
Money for Hernando airport is wasted
Photo by Rufus Cox/Getty Images


Hernando County officials seem positively giddy about spending taxpayer money to build a 7000 foot runway at the Brooksville-Tampa Regional Airport. What they have failed to do is explain the need for this multimillion dollar project.

If Hernando County was a thriving community or major tourist destination, an upgraded airport might be a smart move. But it’s not.

There isn’t much to see or do in Brooksville, and too many Spring Hill neighborhoods have been reduced to slums with abandoned fixer-upper homes.

Empty storefronts have also become icons of bad economic decisions, and should serve as a reminder to avoid repeating mistakes. But some lessons are hard-learned.

In an area famous for its abundance of foreclosed homes and low-paying jobs, building a 7000 foot runway at an airport that serves no passengers seems like a misdirected endeavor.

Perhaps the county believes that if the airport was upgraded, it would bring business and people to the area? However, even if it did, how long might a business survive in a county with so many poor and low income residents?

Since expansion of the Hernando County airport won’t create jobs for anyone but the good ‘ole boy construction industry, this seems to be yet another example of how taxpayer money can be unwisely spend for a poor return on investment.

Source: Hernando airport's potential noted as work begins on master plan

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