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Monette Moio 'devastated' over Elliot Rodger's manifesto, killings and hate

Monette Moio was targeted by Elliot Rodger's hate in his manifesto
Monette Moio was targeted by Elliot Rodger's hate in his manifesto
Photo by David McNew/Getty Images

Monette Moio, the young woman named in Elliot Rodger's manifesto, is said to be devastated over being linked to the Isla Vista tragedy. Mail Online shared the details about Monette Moio and what her father has said about her ties to the heartbreaking tragedy.

Elliot Rodger indicates within his 141-page manifesto that Moio is an “evil b**ch” who “teased and ridiculed” him after they met in school. Rodger claims in his writings that she sparked his hatred towards women, which ultimately drove him to the murders he committed in Isla Vista.

Monette's dad, stuntman John Moio, is opening up about the shocking manifesto and of course he is defending his daughter. He says his daughter was only 10 years old at the time she met Elliot and she barely remembers him. John says, “She's devastated over the whole thing,” adding that “It's like she's being implicated in this terrible tragedy for something she hasn't done and can't remember.” He also disputes the idea that Monette, who was 10 when Elliot was 12, could have effectively taunted or bullied Rodger. Mr. Moio notes that, “She probably rejected his aggressive advances.”

In other parts of the manifesto, Elliot Rodger references a young lady named Maddy Humphreys. He says they were childhood friends but later he stalked her on Facebook and indicated that he “would take great delight in torturing and flaying her and every single one of her spoiled, obnoxious, evil friends.” While some are trying to point to Hollywood movies as a catalyst for Rodger's twisted view of women, it's quite clear his troubles go deeper and further back than what movie stereotypes could do.

While certainly nobody truly blames Monette Moio, Maddy Humphreys or any of the others who crossed the path of Elliot Rodger prior to the Isla Vista tragedy, it's understandable how she can feel devastated by being linked to the incident. The Elliot Rodger incident, if nothing else, seems to certainly highlight the crisis many families face these days when people need mental health help and nothing seems to fall in to place.