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Mondays have become fundays at Paulie's Field Trip

"Monday, Monday...can't trust that day."

Julie Schroeder behind her new microphone...a birthday present.
Julie Schroeder Facebook page.
Julie (Jewlz) Schroeder hosts an open jam at Paulie's Field Trip, 1430 South 81st Street in West Allis every Monday at 7 p.m.
Paulie's Field Trip Facebook page.

That was true for The Mamas & The Papas in the 60s.

But you can trust that you will have a good time on a Monday.

If, of course, you make your way to Paulie's Field Trip.

The little postage stamp of a bar in West Allis, 1430 South 81st Street, has been the host venue for an acoustic open jam for a couple of months.

Julie (Jewlz) Schroeder, who sings background vocals for Scott E. Berendt, the US Project and others; has wanted to do this for some time.

Schroeder is a singer/songwriter in her own right and acts as ringmaster for this musical circus each and every week.

Jewlz taps into her long list of musical friends to populate the jams and kicks things off with her set at around 7 p.m.

Word has definitely gotten out about this little surprise to start off your week.

Xeno of Xeno & The Happy Jax (and Bad Boy) has done a turn there.

As has the aforementioned Scottie B, Craig Evans and Jilayne Tate from the Grimm Brothers, Michael Sean, Craig Omick from Groove Nation Project, Dennis Dykstra, Karen Holm and Twister Army, Dean Hoffmann and Jeff Salisbury from Shovelhead Red Band, Dave Alswager, Marla Rothenberg, E is for Epic, CP from Generation G_ap and many others.

Like most open jams, it is a Hobson's Choice.

But usually seasoned players take turns at the mike.

John Sutton is the bartender/soundman/photographer/bar dicemaster-in-chief and on most Mondays he is kept hopping.

Food is available from Paulie's, the Field Trip's sister establishment which is just a couple of doors north on the corner of 81st& Greenfield.

So, if you're twiddling your thumbs or otherwise itching for something to do on a Monday night, check out Jewlz Jam at the Field Trip.

You won't be disappointed.

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