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Mondays are hot at Red Robin

Two happy kids at Red Robin.
Two happy kids at Red Robin.
Signe Freed

It’s Monday and as usual the fridge is close to empty, because the weekend was overcame by the kids’ activities and you’re too tired to go to the grocery store after a full day of work. So what’s for dinner? You could swing through a drive through. Maybe, order a pizza? Pizza, again, seems about as appealing as eating cardboard. Can CPS be called for too much fast food? All eyes are on you mom. Which is it going to be; greasy fast food or cereal?

Thankfully, neither, Red Robin, located at 11810 E. Highway 40, Independence MO, has an answer for Monday dinner woes. Every Monday kids eat free. That’s right. Everything off the kids menu is free for kids 12 and under. So, maybe it does pay to be a little lazy. As for feeling guilty about the inevitable French fries, don’t. The children’s menu offers several alternative side options to help you console your inner nutritionist. You can barter the cheese pizza for the carrot sticks and everyone is happy.

Even though some fast food places do have an indoor jungle gym to help pacify kids while their parents get a chance to eat, Red Robin also has entertainment options located at the front of the restaurant. Use some of the change you saved from dinner to play an arcade game or two before you head out the door. Also, every Monday evening the balloon man comes and makes balloon animals for tips. So, when paying for your bill, which will only be the adult meals, ask the waitress to break a bill for some ones and some quarters. This way you can get the full experience for a just a little.