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Monday through Sunday farmers markets aplenty

Good health... Why not do it in Barona
Good health... Why not do it in Barona

San Diego really does have a plethora of good foods available for good health. Too often we go into the market and pay steep prices for our produce but when we get it home we find there is a lack of flavor or it isn’t ripe and it won’t ripen on the counter so it’s thrown into the compost heap where we gather our expensive organics for our home grown stuff.

They're back... and doing business for your health

One big advantage to buying your produce at the Farmers Market over the grocery store is the questions you pose to the clerk who is showing the products is more often the person who grew the products. They know when is the best time of year to find good tasting produce and you know it came from a local source grown with organic methods or not and the info you get is just more reliable than what you get in the supermarkets.

Throughout San Diego County, you will find that there is a Farmers Market everyday of the week, somewhere in the county. Some day’s offer so many markets that you can’t visit all of them and other days there may be just a couple of markets operating.

Monday offers few markets but couple your joy of stocking your pantries with good foods with time spent taking in beauty along with maybe a good hike, a bike ride in a country setting, which would also suggest a nice picnic in the offing if you’re the type to stop and smell the wild flowers because Barona Open Air Market is up and running again and if you’re not from the extreme north end of the county, then take a nice drive to Welk Farmers' Market because they’ve got it all.

Barona offers a nice farmers market on Mondays from 3 to 7 and is located next to the casino while the Welk Farmers’ Market is located at 8860 Lawrence Welk Drive just north of Escondido, and also covers the 3 to 7 time slot.

As is true of all farmers markets I’ve been to, Barona and Welk offer more than just products from farms. Indian goods which once were found primarily at trading posts are abundant at Barona’s Open Air market. This is a wonderful spot to find special gifts for discriminating consumers.

Pack your picnic basket and hit the distant farmers markets when possible because with some you can also hit the jack pot!