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Monday's inspiration--making the most of Valentine's Day week

Psychic Advice for February 10-16 2014
Psychic Advice for February 10-16 2014Elissa Heyman

This morning I felt like it was going to be a tricky week in the Heavens, and was inspired to channel these messages for making the most of it:

Career/Life Order trajectory week of February 10-16th: If things aren't going right and you are not in the positive place you want to be, just wait: the tide will turn, the weather will change, and you can establish stability.

Love: Being free with your emotions, being comfortable in your own skin, being happy to see the glass half-full; recognizing the healing you've gone through...these are all things to honor on Valentine's Day, with or without a partner--the greater love you're capable of.

Alert!: What to watch out for this week is the rising-up of corporate forces that are feeling threatened. Powerful sources make big moves to secure their powerful positions. Write your congressmen and representatives if you don't like what you're reading in the papers! What to watch out for also are deadlines: Make them! Everybody is on the move to keep up with what needs to be done.

The pictograph has a message from Spirit: "Capture your energy for loving things...don't waste it."

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