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Monday QB: Jags ready for next step, Bama will play Texas for all the marbles

USA Head Coach Joey Jones and quarterback  Myles Gibbon will have better competition next season.
USA Head Coach Joey Jones and quarterback Myles Gibbon will have better competition next season.
Mobile Press Register, G.M. Andrews

Monday morning quarterback … from all over the place:

South Alabama’s inaugural season is … mercifully …done Thursday night at 6 o’clock when it plays Huntingdon College at Ladd-Peebles Stadium.

Look, don’t get me wrong, but as a football purist (I root for no team … I’m simply a fan of the game) I am so glad USA’s first season is almost over.

AND I am desperately waiting for next year to see this team take "Step 2" toward Division I football status by playing teams that at least have the athletes to compete with them week in and week out.

Make no mistake ... South’s players have had to play the teams they’ve had to play.

That’s not their fault.

And those players … as well as the Jags’ coaching staff … have handled this extremely tough first season very, very well.

There have been three-week and two-week breaks between games along the way, teams coming in here with athletes that should’ve never walked on the field with the Jags, AND no USA road games … a major factor in this program’s development where teams usually find out a lot about themselves in hostile environs when it’s just Us against Them.

So, as the school calls for a “White Out” Thursday night (asking everybody in attendance to wear some kind of white attire … T-shirts, drawers, whatever … to mirror the team’s all-white uniforms) I’m personally wanting to hurry and get through this to get to NEXT season when we get a better perspective on where the Jags are heading in their quest to bring big-time D-I football to Mobile.


There’s something about Alabama that I just cannot put my finger on.

I’ve watched, covered and explained enough football to those who don’t understand the game over my lifetime to know that there is something inexplicable about the Crimson Tide that might not be fully understood until … possibly … the night of the national championship game against Texas.

There, I said it … Bama will play Texas for all the money (Oops! I meant marbles, just in case the NCAA is listening) at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena on January 7.


I really have no idea.

Actually, I do … it’s an attitude.

I’ve watched Tim Tebow since his concussion against Kentucky and he is not the same player he’s been through the last two years.

And that player has been one of an almost invincible nature … the kind of player you do NOT want to play.

Somehow, I don’t see that in Tebow’s play since he came back from the injury.

Personally, right now … I think Texas is the best team in the country.
I think their wide receiver Jordan Shipley, along with Florida’s Riley Cooper, are the Nos. 1 and 1-A wide receivers in college football.

Saying all that to say this … Alabama will beat Florida in the SEC title game and then get Texas for the big prize.

It’s just a feeling. I’m not a homer, I’m a realist.

Stand by, and as I think about this more in the next couple of weeks I’ll tell you why.

Right now, it’s just a feeling.

An inexplicable feeling.


Auburn has seven wins and that’s probably all they’re gonna get this year.

BUT, that will get them a nice late December bowl.

And while we’re talking about bowls, Navy has two games left … at Hawaii and Army.

The Midshipmen could have 10 wins by season’s end and THAT will almost assuredly get them a New Year’s Day Bowl.

Are you serious? Get outta here!

Navy ? On New Year’s Day?

Get outta here!!


Tampa Bay wears the hideous orange jerseys and beats Green Bay for its first win of the season.