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Monday open mic night at Anna Bannana's

local underground landmark, Anna Bannana's
Local underground landmark, Anna Bannana's
Ali Dugger

Rumors have flooded the Honolulu music scene regarding Anna Bannana's, the dark, dungy and yet distinguished dive where musicians, students and solitude seekers flock to fete one another, possibly closing their doors after 41 years of providing live music, dimly lit corners, and not so memorable toilet facilities.

Anna "Bannanians" will be happy to know, these rumors are false. Anna Bannana's will keep their doors open, under a different owner, Irish pub O'Tooles. O'Tooles may bring some changes to the tavern-like venue, but Bannanians now have no reason to split to another venue, they can still go bananas at Anna Bannana's.

Monday open mics nights are still going strong at this point, but one never knows with new management what may change in the coming months. So musicians, take advantage of this opportunity to have your music heard where rockers, rebels and readers revel in drink specials and head on down to Anna Bannana's. There is a small stage and house band setup, show up anytime after 2:00 pm to sign up for your performance slot. This open mic may not be around for much longer, so don't delay!

Address:   2440 S Beretania St, Honolulu, HI 96816

Phone:      (808) 946-5190

Dress:       Casual

Price:         $$

Age:            21 +

Hours:        2pm - 2am Monday - Friday          

                   1pm - 2am Saturday & Sunday


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