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Monday on the progressive beat

Local stories of interest to progressives that popped up today:

Daley's economic development joke
Mayor Daley's spokesperson quickly backtracked from a statement he made last week about trying to lure jobs from Oregon after the state upped some taxes, labeling it a joke. Newstips' Curtis Black lists some reasons why the idea wouldn't work, even if Daley was serious.

Chicago housing market won't recover until 2013
Another reason why business execs may not want to move here anytime soon. "Homes here are still expensive compared to incomes, suggesting that prices have to fall more or incomes have to rise for the market to reach equilibrium," Crain's reports. Also: 21percent of all residential mortgages in the Chicago area were underwater at the end of the third quarter of 2009.

Crime-plagued lot may get a new life
People power: Austin resident Marie Henderson's persistence got rid of a blight on the neighborhood, now turning in into a community garden   

A year of living on the edge for CPS boss Huberman
It doesn't exactly qualify as hagiography, but this puff piece on the man who considers it good news to be informed that none of his students were shot on a given day is another jarring example of our dailies taking it too easy on the city's power brokers. Thankfully, we can always turn to Substance News for the real skinny on CPS, such as:

Teachers, parents, and community activists organize against 2010 closings and turnarounds
Contrast that with the Sun-Times piece, which closes with this quote from Phyllis Lockett, executive director of the Renaissance Schools Fund: "We think we all have to stand and strongly support what's the best option for our kids."


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