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Monday Night Dinner Blues

Mondays...I'm not sure who really enjoys them. It means back to work, back to planning out the week (if you didn't do it on Sunday night) and is that much further away from next weekend. I usually plan out my dinner menu on Sunday or Monday, but our Monday dinners are usually the same thing with slight variations every week...salmon and champagne risotto. The best part is that it sounds fancy and yet is so simple!

I buy a large salmon fillet at Costco and cut it into serving sizes and freeze individual pieces. This way I always have salmon on hand and it's a healthy, delicious option. I thaw it, marinate it in Soyaki and bake at 350 for 22 minutes.

For the risotto, I follow Giada's recipe but omit the asparagus and prosciutto when I don't have it on hand. I always have mini bottles of Cook's Brut champagne in my pantry and lots of Parmesan cheese from Costco.

If you want to make it a really romantic evening, a crisp white wine would go perfect with this. Having just been at the La Crema winery, I'd suggest the La Crema Pinot Gris since it's light and crisp.

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