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Monday listings: just enough to do

This week's fairly quiet, but there are a few things to keep you out there.  I also made a blunder last week: the Poly Boston dinner at Alewife Bertucci's is tonight - in a couple of hours, in fact.  My apologies for the misprint; I hope nobody showed up looking for the friendly poly party people I promised and went away grumbling with nothing to show for it but a couple of tasty warm rolls.


Tonight, from 6:30-8, there's a class called Yoga for Kinksters at 119 Braintree St, Suite 208 in Allston.  This class welcomes folks of all ages and levels of ability. See NELA's calendar and click on the event for more details.

As advertised above, Poly Boston will have their monthly dinner at Alewife Bertucci's  from 7-9 pm TONIGHT!  Again, my apologies for the mishap. 

On Tuesday, more poly folks will meet at Diesel Cafe in Somerville as they do each week.  Never been?  See my article on the event for more details and what to expect. 

Wednesday evening brings the usual BDSM Munch to Cambridgeside Galleria.  For more info, see TNG's calendar, but remember, this is not a TNG event, and all adults are welcome to attend.

And on Saturday night, Choice Social Club brings the sex party as usual, this week with the theme of Oral Sex.  (Glory holes and everything.  Really.)

Have a listing you'd like to see here?  Email me!


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