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Monaco Grand Prix swirled with hatred, glamor and tragedy

Enemy teammates....Lews Hamilton and Nico Rosberg(r) feuding.
Enemy teammates....Lews Hamilton and Nico Rosberg(r) feuding.

Last week's Monaco Grand Prix had all the elements of a soap opera as hatred, glamor and tragedy all swirled in the number one race of the Formula One circuit as the drivers raced through the streets of Monte Carlo, according to 247 Grand Prix. The hatred came at the post-race ceremony where winner Nico Rosberg and second-place teammate Lewis Hamilton ignored each other during the ceremonies.

The glamor came in the forms of the Prince and Princess of Monaco presenting the awards to Rosberg, Hamilton and third place Daniel Ricciardo of Red Bull. There was another bit of glamor also when British actor Benedict Cumberbatch interviewed the top drivers. Where else but in Monte Carlo could you have so many glamorous people packed into such a small space?

The tragedy of course came with the camera view of a racecar driver's helmet with the phrase "Keep Fighting, Michael" emblazoned across it. That reference on the Mercedes helmet was to Michael Schumacher, seven time world champion, who remains in a medically-induced coma following his ski accidenet on Dec. 29 in Meribel, France. As the weeks turn into months, rumors continue to spread concerning Michael's actual condition in the Grenoble hospital.

But at Monte Carlo, the hostility was palpable in the air between the Mercedes teammates as they totally ignored each other. No customary handshakes, pats on the back or even sharing words such as "well done" or "good job".

Both actually did a good job with a one-two finish which should have made the people on the Mercedes team happy. The team is running away with the constructor's championship and Rosberg is first in the driver's standings while Hamilton is a close second.

Rosberg and Hamilton both gave and received the customary cheek kiss to the Princess and handshake to the Prince as protocol requires in this the crown jewel of the Formula One circuit. But they appeared to get along with each other as well as Obama and Putin since the Ukraine invasion.

Hamilton even made one remark earlier in the week which sounded like he might force his teammate off the track if things continued to deteriorate between the teammates. He said he would resort to what Ayrton Senna did during his rivalry with Alain Prost. Senna reportedly intentionally caused a wreck on the final race of the year with Prost which prevented the Frenchman from winning the world championship. Instead Senna won it.

Hamilton became angry with Rosberg during qualifying when Rosberg slowed down on a lap and exited. This caused yellow caution flags to come out in the middle of Hamilton's fastest qualifying lap and denied him the chance to take pole from Rosberg.

The anger only increased when Rosberg won the race from pole position as he was able to hold off his teammate through the winding streets of possibly the glamor capital of the world. With myriad yachts sporting beautiful women in bathing suits in the harbor there was clearly a lot to be happy about during this annual event.

However, the odds are, as this season heads toward its conclusion, the feud between the Mercedes teammates will only heat up. Keke Rosberg, former F-1 champion and father of Nico, was in the stands to proudly watch his son win the race.

The vigil continues by wife Corinna Schumacher of Michael Schumacher at his bedside in Genoble. There have been no recent definitive reports as to his condition recently. His injury was precipitated when his skis hit a snow-covered rock in the Alps which catapulted him 34 feet through the air and into a second, larger rock.

Millions of his fans around the world continue to pray for his recovery.

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