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Moms Who Run: Staying motivated

Remember when you used to love the snow?
Remember when you used to love the snow?

Staying motivated during the cold in winter months in New England can be tough. Remember when you used to love the snow? You would run outside, throw your whole body down in the snow and make a snow angel. Now, some of us runners take one look at the thermometer and crawl under the cardigan. There are some tried and true motivation tricks of the trade and words of wisdom to keep you moving this winter.

Words of Wisdom:

" If you would ski or snowboard in this weather you can certainly run"

"Someone colder than you went running today" (A cute take on the classic, "someone busier than you went running today")

1. Start streaking

If you live in or near New Hampshire you know this is not a naked running reference, its too cold to run naked! In fact streaks are becoming more popular as a way to stay in shape in the off season. A running streak means, you pick a number between 1 and 365. Then you commit to a milage number. If your streak is more than 7 days, more than 6 miles would be hard on the body so pick and commit to a number in your range. Many moms stick to between 2 and 6 miles for a streak. Once you have picked, you need to stick. For example, you will be running four miles everyday for thirty days. It helps to streak with other runners to keep your self accountable or make your streak public. Post on Facebook, blog it...anything and anyone that will not let you off the hook.

2. Spend some time surfing

Commercial surfing on that is. Nike and Adidas are known for their no excuses, strength focused, moving and motivated commercials. Take a day off, throw the gear in the wash and curl up to some commercial surfing that will kick you right back into those running shoes. Here a few runners favorites you can copy and paste into youtube to watch:

3. Go Shopping

Get out of the house and buy new clothes. Running clothes to be specific. New running gear can be a fantastic motivator. If you are dressed warm enough, if your fingers are toasty and your toes are roasty you will be more likely to head out in the the freezing temps!

4. Shell out some dough

In other words; sign up for race. A big one! An expensive on! Maybe even a destination one... Once you are committed it would be very unlike a mom who runs to not do everything in her power to meet that commitment and challenge head on. Sometimes there is no better motivator in the world that knowing you spent over $100.00 on a race and booked the hotel room!

5. New playlist

This one needs no explanation. Update the playlist, the route, anything that will get you back in the game!! Here are five new ones to add to the list.

-LMAF, I'm Sexy and I Know It

-Need To Breathe, Lay Em Down

-Luke Bryan, Don't Want This Night To End

-Black Eyed Peas, Just Can't Get Enough

No one motivator will work for everyone so find your thing. Write running quotes on your bathroom mirror if you have too. Sometimes the cheesier the better. In the end no one can make you run in the freezing cold and the indoor treadmill and track are always options, but you will be missing some of the best outdoor running days of the year. The snow sparkles, the running water hitting the frozen ice is music to a runners ears and the crisp beauty of a freezing winter morning when no one else would dare go out can't be beat. You need hats, gloves, layers, and you don't need excuses!

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