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Moms Who Run: I'll do anything to get a run in!

Welcome to the crazy world of motherhood now add in an intense drive to run at least 35 miles a week and you are bound to do some just straight out nutty things to rack up the miles. While most moms who run are very good at sticking to a schedule, not breaking pace while pushing a running stroller and reaching down to get the fifth snack into their little ones arms there are times when all moms have done the unthinkable just to get one more mile. And let’s face it, using a treadmill is just not the same!

If it could be done, moms would do it to save time.

Most recently a mom-to-be completed the Chicago marthaton while having contractions. She gave birth just a few hours after completing all 26.3 miles. She claimed she was used to the braxton hicks contractions while running so she just ran through until the finish line.

Brenda from Manchester lives on a cul-de-sac and when her son is napping she takes the baby monitor and runs around and around the circle past her house over a hundred times until he wakes up. Colleen has run as late as 10pm. Using a headlamp and reflective clothing she has logged over twenty miles in the pitch black and often freezing cold.

Why do runners and moms go to extremes? Probably the same personality traits that drove them to be runners in the first place. Runners high is a proven addiction and the thought of missing a run can cause anxiety, stress, and in extreme situations withdrawal symptoms. For moms, running can be the most peaceful, most relaxed time of day. It can give the much needed mood boost needed after long days with the kids.

Craziest thing I have done to get in run? There have been a few. I have changed into running clothes while my husband was driving the car and had him drop me off before our destination to get those six or ten miles in. I also taught my four year old to ride without training wheels just so she could come with me on days she doesn't have school. Some days, most holidays I take both my girls with me and when they get tired I drop them in the center of town and run circles around them. Most recently they have made 4.3 miles straight with no stops. I am hoping one day soon we will be able to do an easy six!

Sometimes mom guilt gets the better of all of us and we take a day off or cut our run short to make it on time to the dinner table. But most moms will find that their dedication and devotion to the sport is something to be admired and their kids will not suffer. In fact, they might be better off. Having an example of a way to be healthy and do something for yourself might be the best thing you can do for your little ones. So put your conscience in check, accept that you are at times a tad crazy for doing what you do and lace up those running shoes and head outside. As my two little chicks like to say, Runners are like the mailmen; rain, sleet, snow…they go!!


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