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Moms vote for Happy Baby in Shine a Light contest



As mothers, we try to teach our kids that it is important to make a difference. Too often, life gets busy and we become one of millions and think that the small steps we take won't make an impact.

American Express in partnership with NBC Universal is in the final days of the Shine a Light contest and every vote counts. This competition highlights three inspiring small businesses who make a difference every day. Up for grabs is $100,000 in grant and marketing support.

Mothers all over are singing the praises of one of the three finalists, the HappyBaby company. Founded 3 years ago by CEO Shazi Visram, HappyBaby offers 15 flavors of organic baby food, probiotic dry cereals and toddler meals. They contain no pesticides, no chemical fertilizers, and no dyes , preservatives or GMOs. 

So, besides the healthy food they have developed in partnership with medical advisor, Dr. Bob Sears, MD, what makes HappyBaby so special? For every package of their food that is sold, they feed starving children in Malawi for a day through Project Peanut Butter. As mothers, that is something we can all appreciate. 

So please, take a moment out of your day to support the only woman-owned small business in the Shine A Light competition by voting for HappyBaby. There are only three days left to make your difference!