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Moms Like Pilates, too.

Moms like Pilates, too
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Looking for a great gift for mom? The gift of movement is always in order.

Read more about this 6-week course below!

I’m starting a movement Movement.

Why? I believe that moving your body is the catalyst to creating
positive change in your mind, your body, your community and beyond.

The movement Movement is a 6-week transformational online program that will rock your body and your life!

The goods you'll receive:

*Start date: Monday, May 12, 2014

*6 fun & inspiring Pilates videos delivered every Monday (and yours to keep!)
*Weekly Fitness Steps
*Weekly Wellness Steps
*Encouragement & Inspiration & Accountability from me
*Secret Facebook Group
*Live Group Q & A call & Celebration
*Special Guest Bonuses!
*One Live Online Group Class

It worked for me!

When I made a commitment to move my body a minimum of 3 times each week, I got
more than I bargained for. It created a significant shift in every area of my life and
helped me move out of Blahville to HellYeah!ville.

Let’s break it down.

The movement Movement is about:

*Strengthening your body, mind & spirit

*Creating a shift to move out of Blahville!
*Tapping your joy

*Rocking your abs

*Alleviating aches & pain
*Making time for yourself

*Becoming more present
*Giving Love to yourself & others

Can you be down with that?

Starting Monday, May 12, 2014, your 6-week soul shifting, body rocking journey will help you go from Blah to Hellyeah! You're going to strengthen your body from the inside out to create a sparkle like no other, plus tap your joy and increase your energy.

Each Monday, for 6 weeks, I will deliver a brand new 20-30 minute workout video to your

My goal for you is to move 3 times each week, so I’ll send gentle reminders throughout the course.

And because I want you to keep moving, these videos are yours to keep!
Each video will have an intention or theme tied to it, so your videos and weekly emails with help you with the following:

Week 1: Awakening
Week 2: Balance
Week 3: Strength
Week 4: Detox
Week 5: Wellness
Week 6: Being Present

You’ll also receive inspirational reading suggestions from my favorite change makers,
encouragement from me, my personal fit tips, and wellness tips delivered right to your inbox every
Tuesday and Thursday.

I’ve also created a Private Facebook group just for us! This is how I'll keep you accountable and encourage you, plus you can encourage each other, you can ask me questions, and talk about
your workout experiences and sore butt muscles.

PLUS! I have bonuses for you from special guest wellness experts!

*A Guided Self-Care Meditation to Tap Into Your Creative Engine:

Elena Lipson will empower you create a Daily Self-Care Ritual that will help you tap into
the juicy power of your creative engine in less than ten minutes and 3 easy steps.

*The "Movement Movement" Mind Workout by Sabrina Bolin

Sabrina Bolin will strengthen your mind through a specially designed
"Movement Movement Mind Workout," a guided meditation that uses her skills as an intuitive
coach and hypnotherapist to speak directly to your intuitive mind to empower you from the inside
out as you meet that goal of moving your body 3 times a week.

And! Not only will you be creating change in your own life, but by participating in this
journey you'll also be creating change in Haiti! That's right!

*Start date: Monday, May 12, 2014


** Sign up by 5/7/14 and receive a 60-minute Private virtual Pilates session with me!

6 fun & inspiring Pilates videos delivered every Monday (and yours to keep!)
Weekly Fitness Steps
Weekly Wellness Steps
Encouragement & Inspiration & Accountability
Secret Facebook Group
Live Group Q & A call & Celebration
Special Guest Bonuses!
One Live Online Group Class

Have questions? Want to chat? Email me!

Sign up here!

I can’t wait for you to join me in this double dose of change making!

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