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Moms into fitness,and a writer’s tribute to all the great mom’s out there

Moms exercising
Moms exercising
Photo by Daniel Berehulak/Getty Images

Moms are special people, and the writer appreciates his mom so much that the writer paid a special tribute to his mom last year in an article, please check below for the link. This year the writer would like to pay tribute to other moms this year as well including a special thanks and appreciation to my daughter’s mom. In addition the writer came across another story about a mom that is trying to get in better health through fitness activities. Now normally a story about a mom trying to improve her health through exercise would not make the news. But this mom is unique in the fact that she is paralyzed from the waist down because of an auto accident many years ago.

The sad part is these days many people come up with excuses as to why they cannot exercise. Some of the common excuses, I am too tired; I have bad ankles, bad knees, shoulder problems, back spasms and so on. Well this mom in the link below decided to forgo any excuses and try to lose weight despite only having use of only her upper extremities. Yes you have read that statement correctly, this mom is only able to exercise using her upper body, mainly her arms. This determined mom lost 38 pounds despite having a limited use of her body. For that reason, the writer sincerely applauds this mom for her great effort to get healthy and fit. The writer sincerely hopes that other people can learn something from this special mom and finally make a plan to improve their health through exercise. Also children tend to model adult behaviors, so be that model of great health though fitness activities. For more information, please consult the links below or contact the writer through