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Momocon begins announcing guests for 2014

Momocon is a convention held in Atlanta, Georgia. MomoCon 2013 was a huge success, with over 12,200 attendees, which caused the convention to look into getting more space. MomoCon 2014 will take place in both the Hilton Atlanta and Marriott Marquis to accommodate the growth. The two hotels are directly connected via an indoor skybridge, to help make it one big venue. These are the same hotels that Dragoncon is held in each year. 2014 also marks the first year that the convention will be held over Memorial Day Weekend, May 23rd, 24th, and 25th.

MomoCon is one of the fastest growing all ages conventions in the country. Fans of Japanese Anime, American Animation, and Video Games come together to celebrate their passion by costuming, browsing the huge exhibitors hall, meeting celebrity voice talent, designers, and writers behind their favorite shows and games, and much much more over this 3 day event.

Already the convention has announced several guests for 2014. These include:

  • Troy Baker: Baker has become the go-to voice actor for the anime and gaming community. The Texas native first began working in video games by playing Sgt. Matt Baker in the Brothers in Arms franchise and in anime as Frank Archer and Greed in Full Metal Alchemist and Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood, respectively.
  • Dante Basco: Basco is a Hollywood actor who has become a cult classic and pioneering figure in Asian American cinema. He was first introduced in Steven Spielberg’s fairytale movie Hook, as “Rufio”, the leader of the Lost Boys. Ever versatile, he’s “Jake Long” in Disney’s animated series American Dragon: Jake Long as well as “Prince Zuko” in Nickelodeon’s phenomenal hit, Avatar: The Last Airbender and most recently as “General Iroh” in The Legend of Korra.
  • Maurice LaMarche: LaMarche has been doing character voices and impressions since his childhood. He started actually getting paid for it at the tender age of 19, when he began performing standup comedy at Toronto’s “Yuk Yuk’s” comedy club, launching his career at the same time as longtime friends Howie Mandel and Jim Carrey. In 1985, Maurice began a second career in the wonderful world of animation voiceovers, finding himself cast as “Chief Quimby” in Inspector Gadget, and “Egon Spengler” in The Real Ghostbusters in rapid succession. Maurice is also often heard in the commercial world as the voice of Toucan Sam.
  • Cherami Leigh: Leigh is an on camera and voice actor. Cherami began her work in the “Anime World” voicing Sae in Peach Girl, and has since played Aisa, Pepper, and Miss Golden Week in One Piece, Yaz in Shin Chan, Primula in Shuffle, Setsuna and Akira in Negima, Naomi in Witchblade, Himawari in xxxHolic, Makoto in Sasami: Magical Girls Club, Mai in Ghost Hunt, Ayano in Stigma, Road in D. Grayman, Shijima in Nabari, Shinooka in Big Windup, Honoka in Kenichi, Kirimi in Ouran Host Club, and recently released Bamboo Blade as Tamaki, Sergeant Frog as Natsumi, and Soul Eater as Patty. She has voiced many video games including Lux Pain as Nami.
  • Bryce Papenbrook: Papenbrook has performed in numerous video games, cartoons, and television shows. Some recent roles include Kirito in Sword Art Online, Rin Okumura in Blue Exorcist, Chooki & Lydendor in Tenkai Knights, Makoto Naegi in DanganRonpa : Trigger Happy Havoc, Henry in Fire Emblem Awakening, Issachar in Shin Megami Tensei IV, Asbel Lhant in Tales of Graces F, Zidane Tribal in Final Fantasy Dissidia 012, Masaomi Kida in Durarara!!, and Guan Ping in Dynasty Warriors. Past leading roles include Shugo in .hack//Sign Legend of the Twilight, Jack in MAR, Jack Russell in Radiata Stories, Hanabusa Aido in Vampire Knight, and Isami Fujiwara in Noein.
  • Rob Paulsen: Paulsen may be best known to animation fans the world over as the voice of the boisterous and energetic laboratory mouse Pinky in two hit series Steven Spielberg Presents Pinky and The Brain and Pinky, Elmyra, and The Brain for Warner Brothers.

For more information and to see what other guests will be attending the convention, visit their website at

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