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Mommy! The media in Mobile are saying bad things about me

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I continue to draw little but scorn from the media in my old home town of Mobile, Alabama. In an article by someone under the name, “Doc,” and who seems to suggest he or she is on the editorial board at the Press-Register, the writer personally ridicules and sniffs at me over motives he or she assigns to some articles I have recently written. The article, appearing at, scandalously suggests I had begun writing stories on Mobile politics and my life experiences, for profit.

If only that were true, and I could just sit back and, God forbid make a little money off my own misery. But, the truth is I starting writing for these sites ole’ doc mentions, back in December, and it is a hobby. Usually, maybe a hundred or so people will read an item I have submitted in a week’s time, but writing personal stuff, far fewer people are interested.

When the Press Register put a link to one of my articles entitled, Steve Nodine & Me, on its website, and in the Front Page section of Monday’s paper, the pages views went off the charts, I mean broke the meter. After about two days, the site got around 15,000 page views, about $22.00. However, the printing of that article caused such a massive commotion among my family members; I was compelled to remove the article, make a few edits, and then re-published it on another site.

I am back down to earth now with about a few hundred views on my articles every so many days, monetarily meaningless. Nevertheless, I write because I enjoy it, and because for me it is therapeutic. I wrote an article about Steve Nodine, never thinking for one minute what happened, would happen. Doc suggested the paper had done me a favor, “What started for us as a modicum of sympathy for McBryde has turned to a feeling of “ewww” since he is profiting off of every problem in Mobile and the state that he can publicize."

I had gotten many requests from the media in Mobile to do interviews after that article, and turned them all down. That alone rather punches a whole in, “doc’s” whole theory that, I am a sleaze bag, doing it for the money, not that I’m against the money. The media in Mobile has certainly made a buck or two on my back. But, perhaps because I did not respond favorably, I have again been marked for ridicule. Listen, I can be a jackass; I admitted it. I just hate it when other people can’t.

The guy (or gal) did not even give me the common courtesy to credit my photo, which he (or she) used, or put a link to the material he (or she) found so offensive, adding insult to injury. I mean seriously, that breaches all sorts of internet/blogger protocol, you’ll be hearing from my attorneys. Therefore, at the end of it, it was just a mean thing to write about someone with no basis in fact whatsoever. No, doc, I don’t write for money, just for fun, and I did not do any interviews with the media in Mobile not because I wanted to snub y’all, it was because frankly I, like a lot of others, have come to distrust the media generally.


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